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September 04, 2011



Yeah HEATH! And super Kudos to everyone else involved. It sounds like a fantastic program and can't wait to hear more!!!


amazing video! go heath! you rule, buddy!

Grandma Marcia

Good job on the video, Jenny. I felt so privileged to be able to share this wonderful experience with you and Heath. He's such a little trouper!

Jenn S in DC

So beautiful! I have been wondering how you all were doing. It was so nice to get an update and Heath looks like he is doing awesome!!! Total admiration for all your strength and determination- above all, Heath.

melissa aka equidae

that is amazing! I am so happy for you guys. On other news m girl is crawling, I started a breadtfeeding councellor course and Greg is looking forward to go to school in February....hugs my friend and blessings


I'm so excited to see this. Heath you are an amazing little guy! I love the video!


Thank you for this wonderful and spirit-lifting post and for the video. It seems that this is a really good program and I was truly inspired and moved by Heath's strength and determination to do " Just like Teya". Lots of love and admiration for you all. I know that the continuous exercises will pay well off in terms of enhancing Heath's muscle functioning range. Amen!

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