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May 28, 2012


Barb Bennetts

As a lover of Golden Retrievers, I wish you all the best and can only encourage you to move forward. They are the BEST! Hugs and good luck with your choice. BB

Dhyana Kuta

WOW! I love all the pictures and the clever captions! My favorite is that smile from ear to ear on Heath...yes, a happy and exhuberant kid indeed! If you get a chance, read a fairly short but enlightened book on our oneness with all life, but communicating with the animal kingdom in particular, called "Kinship with all life." This book brings me often to tears of joy. (By J Allen Boone, written in the early 50's) Much love, Dhyana

non geographic numbers

I love this little boy. He looks brilliant and always have a smile in his face.

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  • What's Going On?
    My son Heath used to be 100% dependent on a feeding tube. I kept this blog until he was three, documenting our journey from a perilous birth, through the NICU, tube feeding and weaning, and beyond! I gradually felt less need to post as we adjusted to parenting our wonderful, normal, awe-inspiring child with a disability. It seemed like a good idea to keep the blog alive as it contains copious, obsessive (!) details about our tube weaning experience under TUBE RESOURCES below. If your child is tube-dependent, I hope you find support, information, resources, and evidence to share with your child's medical team, if you believe they are ready to eat. Good luck!!
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  • How Old Is Heath Now?
    He turned five on February 20, 2014.