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May 15, 2010


julie Kunkel shusterman

what a great gift you are giving Heath--the support he needs to succeed! My thoughts are with you, peanut and Heath as his brain and body unlearns the trauma and learns new ways to eat!


We love you all and we're right beside you, supporting you. What a brave and amazing family you are.

Katie L

Keep up the amazing work you have done!!! You are so close to your ultimate goal!!!! We are saying prayers for you all!!


I am saying a prayer that Heath's desire for food SOON overcomes any bad memories associated with his earlier oral trauma. Amen!

Our thoughts, love and support are for you all.


Amazing! Your approach to this whole crazy, scary, wonderful journey is amazing. Heath's courage and resiliency is amazing. And Kai's breakthrough it amazing. I know Heath will be transformed and soon, and I'm inspired by all of you!


"...a slice of independence..." I'm thinking it'll soon be a slice o' pie for Heath. He'll soon learn that those lips were made for much more than making people swoon. Hugs to all three of you...and throw in a hug for Markus too!

melissa aka equidae

he'll get there, its a matter of hours which always looks soooo long and never ending.

I cried today while reading this post....not really for Heath but for things going on at home that somehow felt parallel...

Thank you dear and I continue praying that this journey ends up possibly today. Hugs to all


You are all doing great! Heath is so lucky to have such a strong and loving mother! We have you in our prayers and hope you make it over this hump soon!


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