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May 16, 2010



Wow! What a day. How amazing to see the difference just a little bit of food made in his ability to be present. Sending continued strength for this journey - for all of you. We are thinking of you all and sending love, love, love.

Julie Kunkel Shusterman

He will do this and succeed, all because you are listening and respecting his strengths and weaknesses. So wonderful that Markus is really listening to you and Heath as well. You are really a team together and Heath is in just the right place! May you go from strength to strength! :)


Thank you for this post. We are trying to do this on our own and over the weekend he wouldn't eat and reached this point and I finally tubed him about 4 oz of food and he was so much better. The I felt guilty like I'd lost the war or something.

Watching with rapt attention!

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