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August 27, 2010


melissa aka equidae

your boy doesn't eat ice cream...mine doesn't eat any type of sweets apart for a packet of crips LOL he makes a face over choc, cake, biscuits etc (though recently started tasting them again and accepting like tiny amounts). As for weight gain he hasnt gained any since March he is so active - even though sometimes he eats a plate of pasta as big as mine! Enjoy your late summer to- here the heat is super hot and we are just going at the sea and looking up crabs :)


I liked his expedition on the roller and I can see that he is ready to hit the ground running inshallah.. I feel it is coming up soon that Heath will start making baby steps upright movement!

Your pic is beautiful and I can give you three reasons for saying so: first, you and Heath are beautiful, secondly, the happiness that is evident on your and Heath's faces says a lot, and finally, the background with the water and the blue sky are so peaceful..
This pic looks like a postcard

love and prayers.



I am so proud of everything Heath has accomplished! And how about the feat of getting all of the syringes and tubing out of the house too, besides the actual button? That will be so nice! I think we have three huge boxes of medical supplies under our dining room table, one drawer full, and a drying rack of syringes and bottles we use to measure BD. It has taken over our apartment!


Perhaps Heath is inching his way to Missoula?! :) I'm so excited for both of you to lose all the plastic!

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