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September 25, 2010


melissa aka equidae

so much going on in your lives - God Bless! I am sure Heath is eating what he needs...doctors are fussy from my experience and I am glad I managed to find one for Greg who is quite relaxed. The weather is still hot here though not bad...nice autumn weather :) hugs to you guys


I ♥♥♥ those pictures! Heath does look a lot like your Dad!! Christopher has always been a skinny little thing. Still is. He is going to be 6 in December and only weighs 40lb. He can comfortably wear a 4T in pants/shorts. Apparently the "average" 6yr old is 46lb. *Shrug* Every kid is different. I wish his whole life wasn't consumed by scales. Poor weetle guy! He will be all knees and elbows! :)


what are the chances your dad would've been tube fed for FTT or at the very least your grandmother soundly scolded for his not being on the charts?!?
genetics, people. it's kinda important. (i'm talkin' to you, medical community!)


What a big boy! I love your tales of all of your adventures and seeing Heath become so big and strong. I miss you so much! Sending lovelovelove.


Hopefully the button will come out soon! I wonder why the doctors get so hung up on weight. Looking forward to the distillery adventure!


Dear Jenny,

I love your blog. You and Heath are such an inspiration. Heath might still have his tube but he is definitely not a tube fed kid anymore. He is a kid that loves food and does not need the tube. A BMI in the 14 percentile is great! Sara's BMI is only on the 3rd percentile... I guess someone has to be on the bottom of the stats. It's just math and statistics... Our kids do not know about the growth charts and are just developing fine and enjoying life!

lots of hugs


What a lovely boy Heath is turning to be and it is amazing to see how much Heath has taken after your Dad!

You are right about him eating on his own genetic body formula and I think that you and Ryan are doing all the right things by offering him the type of foods that he takes a liking into and watching when there is any sudden loss in weight (God forbid)..I know that you were phenomenally patient and it has paid off!
I think that Heath is really close to the button free moment. I say that looking at how happy and healthy he looks..I am praying..

I send you lots of love, big big hugs and hope that you all will have good time in Missoula, in Montana.


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