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October 28, 2010


melissa aka equidae

Sometimes I read your posts and feel jealousy. Its irrational butthere you go! I feel so inadequate at how I handle Greg at times. But Thn I look at him- he's happy, he eats, he runs & talks. Right now I am not doing a great job out of it as pregnancy slowed me big time but I know that I will catch up soon. In the meantime thank you for the update they also inspire me on my motherhood journey


Annie's neuro said that if--or WHEN--she eats, that it will likely promote speech recovery, because when kids eat, they strengthen the same muscles in their tongues, lips and mouth that they use to talk! So to hear that Heath is having a vocabulary explosion is incredibly encouraging to me! Hooray for Heath!


I love this little guy so much!! He's so preciously perfect! You are amazing, Momma!


Here is a report from your Halloween local TV channel: the results of Halloween Costume competition were announced yesterday and Heath got a prize for the simple but very attractive costume he wore.. well, for Mama, she really looks cute in her BIG hat ..)
I am so happy that you guys had good time... as for me, my trick 'n treat was busy as I ate so many candies that I had to wash my poor teeth twice! now for Heath's amazing skills in recognizing the presidents... I have to tell you... I am impressed!
What a wonderful boy and a pleasant and a wonderful gift you have...

I love his pics and ravishing smile..



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