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October 05, 2010



oh jenny. i didn't expect to get all emotional (since i've known for two days!), but the HAPPINESS on his face is so overwhelming that i just can't help but cry. with joy and relief and sadness for all the kids still STUK.
congrats to you and heath... long road ends, new road beckons. karamba!!!!!!!!



this post makes me so happy, jenny! and heath's smile is a joy to behold. hugs to your family for another milestone met with great strength and courage. xoxo

Jenn S in DC

So proud of our little pillow diver! Glad to hear you were able to take out the button finally. Thank you for your updates and please keep us posted about how it heals. You, and most especially Heath, are truly amazing and inspiring. Lots of love!

Angela G.

yay!!! i'm so happy to see how far not so little anymore Heath has come since I first met him a year ago. i'm doing my medical/surgical clinical rotation in various pediatric units at Swedish this quarter and I am reminded of Heath and all his success when I see little ones facing their own obstacles.

Way to go dude!!!


Congratulation Heath. You hold on tight to those rice krispies and your wonderful parents. So glad this chapter is over and you are ready to climb new mountains. Strap on those hiking boots. We'll be waiting for you and cheering you on!


Oh my goodness. You made me all teary. This is joyous news. And you all are such a sweet family. He looks like a professional pillow diver already.

HOOOOORAAAAAAAAY! Doing a dance of joy over here!

Congratulations on this huge milestone!

melissa aka equidae

what a lovely big smile he has and it is soooo wonderful! How grown up they look now -when I look at photos of the past year and a half I wonder at the difference! Glad you are all enjoying autumn we are as well though its still quite hot over here

Katie L.

LOL! I love that he chucked it across the room! He is such a sweetheart!

shannin strom-henry

So excited for you guys. I totally got teary reading this post. that smile of his is amazing. Can't wait to get rid of Zoe's in the spring! Go Heath!!!!!

P.S. I love that he threw it across the room
Love, Shannin


I am so happy for Heath. :)


I am so happy for all of you and congratulations on passing over this obstacle.. Go Heath! we are all loving you and cheering up for another wonderful success moment..

He is so cute and now grown up boy..


sending you love and big hugs,



Seriously, is there anything cuter than that little guy?!?!? I am so glad he got the button out! He is such an amazing little man!! Can't wait to see how well he continues to do! ♥♥♥ Love love love him!


Such fantastic news! I am so proud of all of you. Heath is truly amazing!

I am so thankful that you continue to post about your journey.

Big big hugs and SO much love to all of you!

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