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January 18, 2011


Olga and the Zs

he's one amazing little guy. it inspires me to do something about MY caboose... maybe i need to find a mancrush? :-)

GO heath!!! we are already whooping it up on your behalf, you STRONG boy!

melissa aka equidae

Heath amazes me every time you write :)thanhk you for the updates I am so happy for all you guys and can't wait to hear the news he is walking.

Grandpa and Grandma M

You GO our sweet Buddy - nobody is braver or stronger and we'll be praying every day for your endurance and strong spirit. We are so immensely proud of you. Great Job Heath and Mom and Dad! loves, grandma and grandpa


WOW! Truly an inspiring big guy! KEEP IT UP!


what a trooper! keep going, heath!

Liz H.

I love reading about the techniques that Heath is using to become stronger...as well as reading that Ryan lifted the dining room table to demonstrate the importance of strong muscles. haha. Your push ups story reminds me of my push up progress with Body for Life! GO Heath!!

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