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March 02, 2011



Glad your move has gone well!! We are moving to CA in a month and I'm terrified of moving w/ toddlers. Also glad Heath is enjoying ice cream, we are going to try milkshakes soon to help A with his drinking. :) They always have such a funny reaction when they taste something cold, don't they? :)

Hunter hendrickson

Happy birthday Heath! And happy new home montgomery's! Hunter


So excited for you all! I'm glad you are getting settled in, and for Heath's wonderful progress. So much love to all of you! xoxo

melissa aka equidae

lol greg does the same coubt tuill 12 and skip to 18 haha. i think heath will master fork feeding quicker as greg still prefers his hands ha! love ya all

Jessi Bennion

I love that Heath is a mall walker! So awesome!!!


My mom will be thrilled to know she is being quoted in a major publication! Now, what would she say about that floral wallpaper?? I love your view...and that old yellow truck is a perfect addition to the scene. Heath is doing wonderfully by all accounts!.xoxo


So glad that you're settling down well in your Montana's new house. What a peaceful scene of the falling white snow on the backyard. Heath looks so great and happy in his walking trips around the Mall. Your post lifts up my heart and gives me contagious power of positive things happening..LOL

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