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April 11, 2011




melissa aka equidae

this so great!


1. Where did you get the awesome looking step stool!? 2.Super high five for the potty training! We were NO where close until Christopher was 3!! 3.OMG The picture of Heath and Levi is SO precious! Just a couple of buddies hanging out! 4.Dang, he is FAST! He's gonna wear the tires outta that thing. :) 5.He is such a smartie. 6. You have a great voice and so does Heath!

Jami Heinricher

Delightful pictures and videos, Jennifer! I hope I can come out this summer and see him in action!


My heart is full! How wonderful--thank you for sharing.


Can he get any cuter??!! Great photos.


In Arabic, the proverb says " May a picture says it better than a thousand words!". I really liked the pics and the videos. Here are some comments:
Pic 1: his smile is SO cute.
Pic 9: he's going to be the thinker type of person... I can tell from his serious concentration on the story you are telling him.
Pic 5: good luck with the distillery and with the public hearing next week.

sending you love and big hugs


So it's gray in Colorado, as it has been for about a week. And I was feeling blue... "was", past tense. I am so much more joyous and happy seeing that shiny face in front of me and all his marvelous accomplishments. Heath is the champion elk of Montana!!! Majestic, capable, keen and did I say majestic? Love to you all and good luck on the distillery meetings.


He really is sunshine in toddler form! Can't help that his mother is so fantastic! Very impressive and heartwarming, as always.

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