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July 18, 2011



Heath is so blessed to have parents like you two. And you two are so blessed to have an amazing child like Heath. I love reading your posts.


Lots of love and respect to my amazing wife and her special bond with our little fella!

Grandpa and Grandma M

Amen! Yeah Heath! Yeah Momma and Yeah Dada! God Blessed us with Heath and with his parents.


I love reading about brave and strong Heath. I get so much good info from you that I can use with my Ben! I credit you when I talk about how Ben was weaned from tube feeds. If you ever feel like it, I'm sure all the moms over at Hope for Hie on facebook would love to hear from you!


melissa aka equidae

what a lovely post. I am so happy that you are finding your own ways in dealing with the challenges and are finding peace in them.


I love this post. You guys are the best in-laws too! ;)


What a wonderful post and so cute wedding ceremony. I loved it. I am SO happy that Heath is now a talker. Your analysis and thoughtful commentary on the different ways that parents around the world deal with the mobility-assistance issue that their children need. It is certainly a blessing that the facilities in the United States are so equipped with tools to make life easier. I enjoy reading your posts and get courage from Heath and from his parents.

God bless you all



Love the "wedding" ceremony. Heath is so darn cute! Astute observations on living with challenges, as always!


That big smile of his just melts my face right off. My sister (little Ben's mom) passed your blog to me, and your family is truly inspiring. The first time (of 3 times now) I watched "Together We Play...in Missoula!" I actually started crying because I was so overwhelmed with hope and love. God must have been smiling down on you the day He blessed you with such a beautiful boy. I can only hope to be half the parent as you and your husband are when it's my turn.


What a cutie, I love that happy smile!

Herbal Incense

Amazing mail! I also waiting for the shades of shellac and furthermore want to catch it all as soon as likely. Many thanks to you.

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